Ed Samuels, M.S.E., M.B.A and MBB
California National University for Advanced Studies

Professor Samuels is an Engineering Director and General Manager for EMC Corporation the world leader in systems, software, services, and solutions for information storage and management.  While serving as VP of Engineering, Professor Samuels has acted in the role of security consultant for developing the advanced cryptographic algorithms employed on the PCI-based crypto-accelerator module and during the design and development of a family of Military Wireless Gateways.
 Professor Samuels has conducted research and attended the National Information Assurance Program (NIAP) 2002 seminar, including attendance at specialized classes, to stay abreast of the latest security developments in industry as well as the public sector. 

He has lectured and taught university-level course-work in the areas of telecommunications, engineering design, software management and networking, and he has received numerous prestigious technical and management certifications in software and telecommunications. Professor Samuels is nationally recognized by the IEEE as an established authority and industry liaison in Residential Broadband and Technologies and Communications. He holds a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science, Certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.